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Plakias tourist information


(see also map and useful telephone numbers below)
The actual bus time table is always displayed on the bus station in Plakias on a small board
(it is in the centre of Plakias, at the large parking with the taxi station just next to the bridge).
From Plakias there are direct buses only to the nearest town of Rethymno
(about 5 times per day during the season) and to Preveli Monastery (1 time per day).
There are no direct buses from Plakias to Spili, Agia Galini, Matala or to other places.
For traveling to Spili, Agia Galini or Matala by public bus, you can take the bus from Plakias
to Rethymno, take off on the crossroad after the village of Koxare and then catch the bus t
o Spili, Ag. Galini or Matala which started from Rethymno.
For traveling to Heraklion, Chania or Ag. Nikolaos it is necessary first to take a bus
to Rethymno and then to change the bus. There are buses Rethymno-Heraklion
or Rethymno-Chania almost every 1 hour.
For more information visit the official website of Cretan public buses:
or call the number of Rethymno bus station – information centre:
0030 28310 22212.
From Plakias there are regular scheduled boats (only) to the Preveli Palm Beach
Ferry Plakias-Preveli Palm Beach
The boat Plakias-Preveli Palm Beach goes every day.
Departure from the old Plakias harbour is at 10:30.
Return from the Preveli beach back to Plakias is about 15:00-15:30.
The boat tickets you buy directly in the harbour from the captain.
(We suggest to be at the harbour at least 15 min before the boat departure)
or at the bar Smerna – exactly opposite the harbour.
The boat trip from Plakias to Preveli beach takes about 40 min one way.
During the high season there can be also a second boat to Preveli from Plakias
at about 12:00 with a later return from the beach.
Other boats and ferries from Plakias
During the season there can be organized boat trips or you can ask for boat trips
on request from Plakias to Agios Pavlos or Agia Galini at the captains.

EVERY SUNDAY: Boat trip Plakias-Agios Pavlos-Triopetra-Preveli Palm Beach-Plakias
(tickets at our office - Anso Travel)
There are no direct ferry boats from Plakias to Chora Sfakion,
Agios Pavlos or other destinations.
The remaining ferries which run on the south coast of Crete are
ferry connections Chora-Sfakion-Loutro-Agia Roumeli –Sougia –Paleochora.
The ferry time tables you can find on the website of the shipping company
operating these ferry lines ANENDYK: or call 0030 28210 95511.
The post office is located just next to our second office in Plakias –Anso Travel 2.
It is open from Monday to Friday, from 07:00 to 14:00.
In Plakias it is possible to buy the stamps in every supermarket.
The post boxes you will find in front of the post office and opposite the bus station.
There is a doctor just next to our Anso Travel 2 office. You can find him at his office
several hours in the morning and several hours in the evening.
The nearest health centre is in Spili and the nearest proper hospital is in Rethymno.
There are 2 pharmacies in Plakias. One is located on the same street where
our Anso Travel 2 office, the post office and the doctor are.
The second one is located just opposite our office Anso Travel 1.
The pharmacies open every day, during the noon they close for siesta.
There are several good equipped supermarkets in Plakias, located mostly along the main street.
Fresh fruits & vegetables from local production are available in 2 biggest supermarkets in Plakias.
There are also 2 bakeries and 2 butcher shops in the resort.
Newly you can find also a shop with organic groceries (home grown fruits & vegetables,
dairy products, wine, olive oil, raki, etc…) in Plakias.
There are also several jewelry shops and souvenir shops in Plakias.
In the centre of Plakias above the bridge on the right sight you can find a photo shop.
There are no banks in Plakias. The nearest banks are in Rethymno.
There are 4 ATM machines in Plakias:
-at the corner of Alianthos Beach hotel at the entrance to Plakias
-opposite to the bus station
-near the entrance to the side street where the doctor is
-in front of the former municipality house
Police / Municipality in Plakias: +30 28320 32144
Police in Spili: +30 28320 22026-7
Port office in Agia Galini: +30 28320 91206
Port office in Rethymnon: +30 28310 22276
Tourist police in Rethymnon: +30 28310 28156
Post office Plakias: +30 28320 31212
O.T.E. (telephone company) in Spili: +30 28320 22099
Doctor in Plakias: +30 28320 31770
Pharmacy in Plakias: +30 28320 31666
Health centre in Spili: +30 28320 22222
Hospital in Rethymnon: +30 28310 57100
Medical emergencies Rethymnon: 166
Fire department: 199
Police emergencies: 100
Tourist office / Tourist information: +30 28310 53450
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